Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year

So my program at Bellin College has begun and it's very clear that I won't have much time for anything else when school's in. There are breaks, but they'll be way too few and far between for my sanity, I'm sure. I will hopefully be able to document a great deal of my struggles here. So for the next year or so, this will effectively become "Adam's struggles in Nursing School".

To give some background, Bellin College is a private school that used to be only a nursing college, but they've added a degree program for a bachelor's in radiology science, so it isn't kosher to call it "Bellin College of Nursing" anymore, even though a lot of people still do. I've begun a program that they call the 15-month option, that is an accelerated program designed mostly for people with degrees in other fields that want to become nurses. Well, I don't have a degree, but I met the prerequisites, so they took me.

While I'm not totally convinced that I've made the smartest move of my life, quitting at this point would be pretty ridiculous and I'm sure I'd regret it, so there's really not much to do but grind it out. Even if I graduate and decide not to go into nursing in the traditional sense, there are a lot of jobs that I'd qualify for with a BSN that I don't currently qualify for.

Here we are almost into February and I hope that I can use this as a means to keep writing since I'm pretty sure I won't get any stories done. I hope this doesn't get too boring.

Welcome to the new year!

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